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Client Access

Legal and Regulatory

We constantly monitor legislation changes in the regulatory  jurisdiction to meet all the requirements and ensure a high level of service through our product.

Please be informed that every affiliation service has its own permissions and licenses regarding the services it is entitled to provide. This is necessary to ensure effective legal protection for our clients and to ensure that the services will be provided clearly according to specific regulations and permissions of each company. We confirm and guarantee that all the companies engaged in contractual relations with our product have all legal rights to provide services stated in specific agreement with Sevens Tree Global.

Who is Sevens Tree Global?

Sevens Tree Global is a Canadian fintech company owning a regulated and licensed Investment Dealer company in Mauritius. This project started from the idea stage in the year 2019 backed by decades of professional expertise in the financial segment and engineering field. It started the product testing and validation in 2020, going through multiple upgrades and betterment of the product until 2023. It never offered any direct trading platform to individual or corporate clients. 

What kind of service/product does it provide?

Automated Trading Program is the only service offered from first quarter of 2024. We provide our service for corporate, institutional and accredited clients only. We do not intend to offer any product to retail segment until 2025, which will be updated and published on this website at the right time.

No investment advice

The information provided on Website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. We do not recommend that any forex, stocks or cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisory before making any investment decision.

AML / KYC rules

In order to ensure the compliance with international trade standards we operate exclusively in accordance with the legislation on combating illicit money laundering and countering terrorism financing. In accordance with legal requirements and recommendations of the regulatory, we have established a Compliance department with Anti-money laundering and Know your customer (AML / KYC) procedures, obligatory for all affiliates, service partners and customers.

The Compliance Department ensures that all the operations of the Company are consistent with the international standards to combat money laundering and all the documents provided by the Customer are up-to-date and comply with relevant legal requirements.

As our client you irrevocably agree with the following rules and undertake to observe them:

• You are obliged to follow our AML and KYC requirements while you are our client. Upon the request of the Company the additional documents and information should be provided by you. Filling of the respective KYC questionnaire may also be an obligatory requirement under Company’s sole decision. You agree with such requirements of the Company and undertake to follow them;

• The withdrawal of any assets is carried out only to the account that belongs to you. The withdrawal of Assets to third parties is prohibited. Internal transfers between the Company’s customers are also forbidden.

• The Company is obliged and has the right without obtaining prior consent to share with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies any information about you, as required by applicable law, and you give the Company your consent to these actions. In order to comply, the Company holds a record about your communication and transactions from the onboarding day.

• You undertake to follow the legislation, including international ones, aiming to combat illicit trafficking, financial fraud, money laundering and legalization of funds obtained by illegal means. You should use your best efforts to avoid direct or indirect participation in illegal financial activities and any illegal transactions using the Company’s Website and Service.

• You guarantee the legal origin, legal ownership and the right to use the assets transferred from your account. In case of the evidence of suspicious transactions in your account, cash replenishments from untrusted sources and / or any actions with attributes of fraud, the Company reserves the right to conduct an internal investigation, to block or close your account, cancel any payment or trading order and to suspend operations on the accounts before the end of the official investigation. When making the decision the Company is guided by the provisions of the applicable law, regulatory recommendations or by common practice.

• The Company has the right to request additional information about you if the method of withdrawal is different from the depositing method. The Company also reserves the right to block your account during the investigation if you refused to provide the additional information requested by the Company.

• In the course of investigation, the Company has the right to request additional copies of documents confirming your identity or identity of other individuals in corporate structure, as well documents confirming place of living and lawful possession and legal origin of funds. The Company also has the right to demand the provision of original documents for review in case of any doubts from Company’s side.

• The Company does not provide Services to the persons and legal entities who are located at the jurisdictions that are “prohibited” by the regulatory.

• The Сompany refuses to perform the operations that from Company’s point of view are considered to be suspicious. The use of preventive measures (such as blocking or closing of the account) is not the reason for civil liability of the Company for failure to fulfill obligations to you.

• The Company is not obliged to inform you or other persons about the measures taken to fulfil the AML/CFT legislation. Also, the Company is not obliged to inform you or other persons about any suspicions, the reasons for refusal to accept you as a client etc.

• This document is just a summary to clarify our rights and our intention to contribute in worldwide AML initiative. However, each Company has its own internal AML & KYC procedures and rules, that may supplement rules specified in this summary.

• This anti-money laundering and know your customer policy is an integral part of the agreement concluded between you and the Company. Non-compliance with this policy will stop a client right at the start of onboarding.