Project initiated with the R&D and LIVE testing in January 2020

Product validation, regulation and license processes until 2023

Ready for operations early 2024, with growth phases until 2027

Phase 1 (2024)

Automated Trading as Service through the regulated structure as Investment Dealer with selective financial instruments

Phase 2 (2025)

Advanced Automated Trading as Product, integrating AI/ML, with multiple financial instruments on any trading platform

Phase 3 (2026)

Global R&D, Testing, Validation and execution hub, serving financial institutions and fund managers with personalized requirements

Phase 1 : Fintech Service

Combining Algo, Command Center, MT4 and VPS

Advanced Algorithm

EURO/USD trading algorithm derived from successful trading strategies with consistent results, adding Gold and Oil to the list in 2024

Command Center

Well tested and advanced technology for risk management and 24 x 5 monitoring of the market by our experienced team

Virtual Private Server

VPS integrates multiple technologies to establish a secured trading environment, ensuring high speed trade executions

MT4 Platform

Top ranking trading terminal in the world with advanced reliable technology, security and fast execution through regulated LPs

Phase 2 : Fintech Product

Integrating AI and ML to the Program

Artificial Intelligence

AI is yet to be fully utilized by the market due to its complexity and the potential being in the fast growing R&D stages

Machine Learning

ML has a major potential in the market, as many patterns and historical values play a major role in making profitable trades

Technical Analysis

TA is most powerful when its viewed through the lenses of AI and ML. Our major focus will be in the testing & validation process

Fundamental Analysis

Almost every EA fails here as there is no reliable tool to analyze live data releases, rumors, political or geographical news

Sevens Tree Global represents a Canadian fintech endeavor. Its initial stage is facilitated by a regulated and licensed Investment Dealer (FSC Mauritius), operating in collaboration with regulated liquidity providers (FCA London). Presently, it caters exclusively to Corporates and Accredited Investors. This website refrains from offering investment advice or recommendations. Compensation for the project is derived from market spreads, management fees and performance fees. Past performance or validation test records do not guarantee future results.

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